Og þó fyrr hefði verið…

Blair er á förum. Fagna því­ allir góðir menn.

Mark Steel fór á kostum fyrir viku þegar hann gerði upp feril Blair-stjórnarinnar:

Ten years ago today was brilliant. It was a euphoric sunny optimistic morning. It’s hard to remember it like that, just as it’s hard to recall you had a wonderful romantic wedding day, if it turned out you’d married a junkie who then sold your furniture and smoked your hamster.

Ekki er umfjöllunin um utanrí­kismálastefnu Verkamannaflokksins sí­ðri:

And to be fair, the foreign policy did turn out to be different. Because the Tories’ had been secretly selling weapons to Saddam, which only came out in the Scott Report. So the Tory policy was to claim Saddam didn’t have weapons that he did have, whereas Labour policy was to … (surely you can see where this is going).

Lokaorðin eru samt best:

It wasn’t one mistake or one flawed policy that eroded all that initial optimism, it was New Labour’s very meaning. In fact, Blair’s support for Bush was a result of that adoration for the wealthy and powerful. Iraq wasn’t an aberration, it was a consequence of all he stood for. But Iraq is what he’ll be remembered for – forever always, no matter how much he tries to orchestrate a „legacy“ around social reforms or whatever. He might as well have got Harold Shipman to say: „It’s not fair. No one remembers how I helped out Mrs Ambridge at the Post Office with her shingles. Just ‘murders murders murders’, that’s all the bastards go on about. Well, they’ll be sorry when I’ve gone.“

Megi Moggabloggið fá dr. Shipman sem heimilislækni…

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