Spalmare Holdings – hvað?

Muu… nú er ég ekki að skilja.

REI/GGE voru ví­st með hæsta tilboðið í­ orkuveituna á Filippseyjum, eins og rakið hefur verið í­ öllum fjölmiðlum… í­ í­slenskum fjölmiðlum það er.

Aðrir fjölmiðlar sem segja frá kauptilboðinu nefna fyrirtækin hins vegar ekki á nafn – heldur ræða um e-ð Spalmare Holdings, frá Hollandi.

REI/GGE er sagt vera hluti af samsteypu sem heitir Red Vulcan. En hvað segja erlendir vefmiðlar um Red Vulcan:

Red Vulcan is a consortium composed of First Gen Corp., Spalmare Holdings BV, and Prime Terracota Holdings Corp.

Red Vulcan Holdings Corp.  the consortium of Lopez-led First Gen Corporation and Icelandic group Spalmare Holding and Prime Terracota Holdings Corp.  submitted a P58.5 billion bid, besting three other groups that which made it to the final round of the bidding. (jæja, hér er Spalmare Holding sagt í­slenskt…)

Og – Leading the cast is Red Vulcan Holdings Corp. of First Gen Corp. of the Lopez group, which tied up with Spalmare Holdings B.V. of the Netherlands and local firm Prime Terracota Holdings Corp. First Gen is a familiar sight in almost all the major assets being bid out by Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp., the agency in charge of privatizing the generating units of state-run National Power Corp. – Hér er Spalmare orðið hollenskt, sem rí­mar við…

þessa skráningu.

Útskýringu takk! Eru í­slensku fyrirtækin að kaupa í­ gegnum hollenska kennitölu – eða hvað er eiginlega málið?

Eru Íslendingar ekki jafn frægir og eftirsóttir í­ Así­u og Össur vildi vera láta?

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  1. Já og nei.

    Þeir fjölmiðlar sem slógu upp fréttunum af kaupum REI/GGE hafa greinilega hlaupið aprí­l.

    En eftir stendur spurningin – af hverju ætluðu þessi fyrirtæki að kaupa þetta í­ gegnum pappí­rsfyrirtæki sem virðist vera skráð á Amsterdamflugvelli?

  2. hi,

    i do not read icelandic, but i have been to iceland in 2006 for my geothermal training in the United Nations University.

    i was searching for Spalmare Holdings in the web and got referred to this site. as i am connected with PNOC-EDC, i am wondering whether Spalmare Holdings is an icelandic or dutch group…

    the previously published icelandic group that won our company’s bidding was supposed to be Reykjavik Energy Invest and Green Geysir but i no longer see their names in the papers..

    takk fyrrir!

  3. Whew, then I wont wonder if I will be more confused than most of you. It seems that there are things brewing in the background that I can only speculate. Nevertheless, it is business as usual here regardless of the major changes in our management.

    A separate news reported that REI/GGE with another local partner, FEDCO, bidded to develop a geothermal service contract in one undeveloped field to build a 100 MW power plant..

    Maybe that is where they have refocussed their investments.

    gódan daginn

  4. News and Updates

    Lopez Group’s First Gen Corp. Buys out Red Vulcan Partner
    Date Posted: January 03, 2008

    First Gen Corp., the investment vehicle of the Lopez family in the power generation business, has bought out its partner in Red Vulcan Holdings Inc., the winning bidder in leading geothermal firm PNOC-Energy Development Corp.

    In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Wednesday, First Gen said it has acquired the 40-percent stake of Netherlands-based Spalmare Holdings BV in Red Vulcan.

    The acquisition will make First Gen the full owner of Red Vulcan.

    First Gen informed the PSE that its subsidiary Prime Terracota Holdings Corp. has completed the full dilution of Spalmare, a joint venture between Icelandic sustainable energy firms Reykjavik Energy Invest (REI) and Geysir Green Energy (GGE).

    „The dilution has the effect of First Gen owning, directly and indirectly, 100 percent of Red Vulcan. However, Spalmare has the option, exercisable until Feb. 27, 2008 to rejoin the consortium and fund its equity portion, failing which the option will lapse,“ First Gen said.

    Last November, Red Vulcan won the auction for government’s 60-percent stake in PNOC-EDC with its offer of P58.5 billion.

    „REI and GGE announced that they have decided to divest themselves of their 40 percent stake in the consortium, and confirmed their intention to continue to support business development and technical assistance efforts,“ First Gen said.

    Gudmundur Thoroddsson, REI’s president and CEO, said their plans regarding the PNOC-EDC deal have changed but the company remains committed to long-term involvement in the Philippines.

    „We remain committed to our other projects in the Philippines, including the Biliran steam field that we own,“ he said.

    For his part, Asgeir Margeirsson, GGE’s president and CEO, said the privatization of PNOC-EDC has created a unique opportunity to accelerate the harnessing of the enormous geothermal sources in the Philippines.

    „We have decided to cease our involvement in Red Vulcan. However, we are open to working with EDC and First Gen in the future on a project- to-project basis,“ he said.

    Meanwhile, First Gen president Federico Lopez said that PNOC-EDC „will become a very strong asset for First Gen.“

    „We intend to take it to the next level. Basically, it’s now second the largest geothermal company in the world and we intend to make it even bigger, under First Gen,“ he said.

    PNOC EDC is currently the largest geothermal producer in the country with an installed capacity of 1,149.4 megawatts. This represents 60 percent of the countryí¢â‚¬â„¢s total geothermal capacity.

    According to First Gen officials, the P58.5 billion acquisition price would be paid mainly through a financing window provided by the Development Bank of the Philippines, Banco de Oro and ING, with Calyon and Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi providing additional financing.

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