Ég get vel skilið hvers vegna Tom Cruise er svo heillaður af Vísindakirkjunni (e. scientology (vísindafræði?)). Þetta eru merkileg fræði. Sjáið bara þessa tilvitnun í uppeldisfræði kirkjunnar, rauð undir- og yfirstrikun er mín og innskot eru merkt með hornklofum:

„Children are not dogs. They can’t be trained like dogs are trained [sjáum hvað þeir segja aðeins neðar]. They are not controllable items. They are, and let’s not overlook the point, men and women. A child is not a special species of animal distinct from man [!]. A child is a man or a woman who has not attained full growth [þetta vissi ég ekki!].Any law which applies to the behavior of men and women applies to children.
… Doubtless, some people were so poorly raised they think control is the ne plus ultra (highest point) of child raising. If you want to control your child, simply break him into complete apathy and he’ll be as obedient as any hypnotized half-wit. If you want to know how to control him, get a book on dog training, name the child Rex and teach him first to “fetch” and then to “sit up” and then to bark for his food. You can train a child that way. Sure you can. But it’s your hard luck if he turns out to be a blood-letter (a person who causes bloodshed)“.

Þetta eru mögnuð fræði. Sem betur fer eru til svona snillingar sem geta sagt fólki hvernig á að ala upp börnin sín. Ennfremur er gott að einhverjir segja loksins sannleikann um Geimsambandið og geimverur:

„L. Ron Hubbard [stofnandi Vísindakirkjunnar] writes that, 75 million years ago, the head of the Galactic Federation, made up of 76 planets, was a being named Xenu [frumlegt]. Faced with an overpopulation problem, he brought beings to this planet, blew them up with hydrogen bombs, and packaged them. Their spirits now infest our bodies: he says „One’s body is a mass of individual thetans stuck to oneself or to the body.“ Scientologists at this level try to rid themselves of these thetans (spirits) by helping each one to remember the painful experiences of being blown up like that“.

Og sannleikurinn um sálfræðinga og geðlækna er vitaskuld þessi:

„Scientology teaches that psychology is worthless and psychiatry is destructive. In their official publication What Is Scientology?, they state that psychology „provides no means of producing actual improvement“ and that psychiatry has „no tools at all for dealing with the mentally ill„. According to the book, psychiatry stands for „ineffectiveness, lies and inhuman brutality. Its basic assumption revolved around the idea that with enough punishment, anyone could be restored to sanity …“ However, in more advanced Scientology studies, members read a Scientology bulletin called „Pain and Sex“, which states that sex is unnatural for humans and a perversion, and that sex was invented by psychiatrists millions of years ago to trap us. It says that „pain and sex were the INVENTED TOOLS of degradation“ created by psychiatrists, and „the stocks-in-trade of psychs [geðlyf] are PAIN and SEX.“ This is a key teaching behind Scientology’s vehement opposition to all forms of psychiatry – the bulletin says that psychiatrists „have been on the (time) track a long time (in other words, they’ve been around for millions of years) and are the sole cause of decline in this universe„“.

Sign me up, doc! Vísindin eru augljóslega á villigötum, eins og þegar hefur verið bent á:

„Furthermore, psychiatry is a pseudo-science, just like so-called social science, as Cruise said. There are several psychiatric theories floating around, some of them contradictory [eins og með öll vísindi. Hins vegar eru kennisetningar Vísindakirkjunnar fullkomnar, eins og sést á ofangreindu]. Sigmund Freud [var ekki sálfræðingur, heldur sálgreinir og læknir] has been thoroughly discredited [það ætla ég að vona]. Alfred Kinsey turned out to be an entomologist, not a psychologist, who preferred to interview convicted pedophiles, who are hardly an objective source on normal sex habits“.

En vitaskuld verða alltaf þeir sem neita að horfast í augu við staðreyndirnar og reyna að láta hann hljóma fáránlega. Sem betur fer fyrir auðginntan almenning hafa vísindafræðimenn svör á reiðum höndum:

„Scientologists argue that accounts of teachings such as the Xenu story are pulled out of context for the purpose of ridiculing their religion. Journalists and critics of Scientology counter that Xenu is part of a much wider Scientology belief in alien past lives, some of which has been public knowledge for decades. For instance, Hubbard’s 1958 book Have You Lived Before This Life documents past lives as described by individual Scientologists during auditing sessions. These included incidents such as being „deceived into a love affair with a robot decked out as a beautiful red-haired girl“, being run over by a Martian bishop driving a steamroller, being transformed into an intergalactic walrus which perished after falling out of a flying saucer and being „a very happy being who strayed to the planet Nostra 23,064,000,000 years ago„“.

Og þar hafið þið það! Og þið ykkar sem haldið því fram að Tom Cruise sé hálfviti fyrir að trúa þessu megið bíta í þetta súra epli:

„Well, in the first place, actors are human beings and can know anything anyone else can [continue, my dear dr. Watson]. Just because a person is an actor doesn’t mean that he is dumb. Cruise started with nothing and has forged himself a successful career in a viciously competitive and cutthroat business. Dumb people can’t do that“.

Vísindakirkjan, eða Scientology, er þar af leiðandi hinn eini rétti sannleikur. Q.e.d.

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