Leyndardómar Gullborganna – í alvörunni

Eftirfarandi klausa úr bókinni 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created eftir Charles Mann er áhugaverð fyrir okkur sem munum eftir teiknimyndaþáttunum Leyndardómar Gullborganna:

The three Spaniards were feted and honored. Esteban was re-enslaved and sold. His new owner was Antonio de Mendoza, viceroy of New Spain. Mendoza soon assigned him as the guide to a reconnaissance party going north—Esteban was back on the road. The party was searching for the Seven Cities of Gold. Supposedly these had been established in the eighth century by Portuguese clerics escaping from Muslim invasions. For decades, people from Spain and Portugal had been hunting for them—the Seven Cities were an Iberian version of the Sasquatch or Yeti. Why anyone should imagine these cities were in the U.S. Southwest is unexplained and perhaps unexplainable.

Þetta er varla tilviljun.

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